featured badge for tuesday 08/18/2009

"Squid And Whale"
By a.mar.illo
price: $ 2.00
available at Lollypins


Suki said...

Very sweet!

Where does the squid and whale reference come from? I know that cool Noah Baumbach film, which refers to a squid and whale fighting at the American Museum of Natural History, I think.

But here they are not fighting - cute!

Sven Palmowski said...

I know that movie, it´s brilliant! This illo is based on those very common images in nature history or science books, but I just changed their roles a bit;)

Suki said...

It works so well - better than nature!



maria antunes said...

So cute. Lovely.

Suki said...

This badge was featured in my blog post today!