Cute As a Button Contest

"If you have designs on ‘kerning’ a prize for displaying your digital art dexterity, then we’ve got just the ‘typeface’ of challenge you’re looking for! ModCloth is teaming up with indie button-maker Badge Bomb to bring you the Cute As a Button Contest — a competition of inventive visual communication.

Show us your true ‘grid’ when it comes to graphics by designing a truly unique pinback button, and you could be the recipient of a $200 gift certificate from ModCloth, plus 500 pieces of your work produced by One Inch Round (Badge Bomb’s button manufacturer). As a special treat, the winning entry will be chosen by two celebrity judges, Twinkie Chan and Susie Gharemani, along with a little help from Badge Bomb themselves!

Here’s how the contest works:

Visit the ModCloth Facebook page, and click into the contest tab, where you’ll find detailed instructions on how and where to submit your design.
Upload your graphic between 6 p.m. ET on 5/2/11 and 6 p.m. ET 5/10/11. Tell us a bit about your design in a caption.
Get your friends and family to vote for your entry by leaving a comment under your design. Voting will occur for the duration of the contest, so enter early — the sooner you submit your work, the more time you have to gather votes!
Voters may comment on your design as many times as they’d like, but only the first comment will count as a vote. People may also vote for more than one entry.
The top five vote-fetching configurations will be filtered out and sent to our celebrity judges, who will pick one final winner. The winner will be announced on Facebook on 5/12/11.
But before you begin bustin’ out your beautiful objets d’art, let us illustrate a few key points that will help you create a successful entry:

You must design a 1-inch button with a .25 inch bleed. Your file must not exceed 5MB, and it must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
There’s no theme for this contest, but your entry should reflect the spirit of ModCloth.
When designing, remember that even though your submission will be square, what you actually want to see on the face of the button will need to fit within a circle.

If it’s selected to win, you’ll be asked to send us your design with the following features: 600 dpi resolution (no less than 300 dpi), a .5″ bleed (.25″ on all sides), and a CMYK or Greyscale color mode. It should be saved as a .psd or .tif, and not flattened, so that Badge Bomb can produce the buttons. More details can be found here.
We know it probably goes without saying, since we know that our customers are such fine, upstanding individuals, but by entering this contest, you pinky swear that you are the creator and rightful owner of the artwork. You also assure us that your participation in and submission of art to the contest does not violate the rights of or contracts made with any third party, and that ModCloth and Badge Bomb have permission to manufacture and promote your button design.

We can’t wait to see all the cool things you come up with. Good luck, and happy designing!"

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