Design-a-Badge Contest (September 2011)

Design-a-Badge Contest (September 2011)
"The September contest has now officially started!
This will be the first of many contests exclusively open to my facebook followers.
"What do I have to do?" I can hear you ask... or is that just my own echoes??
Well, if anyone is interested then it's pretty simple... Design your own pin badge.
Use a computer, pen, pencil, cut and paste, even your own blood... erm obviously the last one isn't recommended, just let your creativity run wild or just go for that minimalist look, it's up to you!
I'm not a stickler for rules and regulations but anything deemed too offensive with not be accepted, after all this is meant to be bit of fun.
In it to win it...
My favourite design will be declared the contest winner and 100 25mm pin badges will be produced.
Yes there is a catch... I don't really see it as a catch but there you go, anyway what is it?
The winner will get 50 badges and I will get the other 50, I can't say fairer than that.
The winner can do whatever they want with their share, the 50 I get will be added to the Indie Kids Big Cartel shop where exclusives will be sold, so any sales will help fund any future contests, competitions and giveaways.
Quite exciting don't you think?
Right then...
Lets get this show on the road and anything else you need to know is below.
Up to 3 entries per person.
Closing date for all entries is 12.00pm (GMT) 30th September 2011.
Read the "Artwork Guidelines for 25mm Badges" in my notes for sizes etc.
Post the artwork/image of your entry in the "Design-a-Badge Contest (September 2011)" photo album.
If you create your badge on a computer use a low-res image for your entry - DON''T save over your original artwork as I'll need it if you win ;)
Winner will be announced on the wall and will be contacted for details and original artwork.
I think that's about it, if anything else pops into my head I'll post here and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask."

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DarrenLWells said...

Thanks very much for posting about my contest, I hope you all enter, after liking my faceboo page of course :)